Everybody wants to retire as comfortably as possible.

It is never too early to start planning your retirement. For younger clients, retirement might be a little in the background, as we assist you with more immediate aims such as buying a home, paying off debt, managing your career and raising a family. But the fact that there are more pressing aims does not mean that retirement should be ignored completely, and we can show you how to manage your affairs so that what you do today also benefits you when you retire.

For clients closer to retirement age, we help you decide when and how to start to make the transition from working life to retirement. For some people this transition is a gradual process. For others it is more sudden. Either way, we help you ensure that you make the transition as comfortably and successfully as possible.

This can include things like planning for the potential use of Centrelink and other Government benefits.

For clients who have already retired, our aim is simple: to help you make sure your money lasts as long as you need it to. This means ensuring that you have invested your super in the right place and that you are managing the costs of your investments – including tax – as efficiently as possible.

Once again, we also ensure that your financial planning makes best use of Centrelink and any other government benefits to which you may be entitled

Shi Yin Low

Retirement Specialist

Yin is a financial planner and a solicitor. She holds a Masters degree in Banking and Financial Services Law from the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Law (Hons) from Cardiff University in Wales. In another role with Australia’s second largest non-aligned provider of financial advice, Yin oversaw the provision of literally thousands of statements of advice to clients big and small. The focus of her oversight: ensuring that all clients received advice that was truly in their best interests. Yin brings this experience and training to the provision of advice in superannuation and investment.

Away from work, Yin loves spending time with family and friends, enjoying Melbourne’s parks and beaches, travelling and cooking.

Shi Yin Low is an authorised representative (1241751) of Dover Financial Advisers Pty Ltd (AFSL 307248).

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